3 vs 2-blade props
Spark Plug Selection
Petrol and Oil options
Primary Propeller Forces
Psychology of Launching
Surviving Flying Emergencies
Engine Starting Problems
How Important is Thrust?
Wing Size Selection
PPG Fuel Economy
Dealing with Turbulence
Tuned Exhaust Systems
Balancing of Propellers
Propeller Repairs
The 210 engine
Hangsim Review
Branding of Wings
Washing of Wings
Belt Drive Adjustments
Drive-belt Tensioning
Aviation Humour
Navigation Rules

NEW 2010 !

Adjustable Carb

Technical Articles
What is Horsepower?
Why BMEP not HP?
EGT De-mystified
Engine Formulas

Mark Kubisch's articles
Top80 Gearbox Service
Top80 Pullstart Service

South African
Local interest

PPG Knowledge Test
RSA Training Syllabus
RSA PPG History
Some Do's and Don'ts
Evaluating PPG Wings
Airshow Commentary

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