South African Powered Paragliding

PPG Training Syllabus

Prepared by Keith Pickersgill, Tel 082 414-8448 or Email

Note: All references to canopy-handling skills be removed from this syllabus, as these will be covered in the unpowered paragliding training. This syllabus should concentrate on the additional skills required for Powered Paraglidig. If this is agreed upon, then only motorised aspects, training and skills will be retained in this syllabus.


The model for this proposed syllabus is based on the voluntarily-introduced British Syllabus. This syllabus is set out in two main sections; (A) groundschool and (B) Practical.

Some of these skills will be taught by a Paragliding Instructor and some by a Powered Paragliding Instructor or Trainer. The Latter will effectively do a Motorised Conversion.



    A. Groundschool

  1. Equipment
    Canopy, Clothing, Instruments, Power Unit
  2. Weather
    General Weather, Patterns and Forecasts, Local Weather, Cross Country
  3. Theory
    Flight Theory, Powered Paraglider Aerodynamics, Airmanship, Air Law

    B. Practical

  4. Practical
    Pre-motorised Flight, Motor Unit Ground Work, Powered Flight



1. Equipment

2 Weather

3. Theory


4 Practical