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Free files to download from Xplorer UltraFlight

Xplorer Screensaver (1.38MB).
This auto-installing sceensaver displays a slideshow of 32 awesome photographs, mostly of paramotors flying over stunning scenerey. Most of the pictures are 640x480 in size.

Here is a small sample of the images you will enjoy with this screensaver:

If you enjoy this screensaver, you might want to order the Xplorer CD-ROM for $20. It numerous has screensavers with many more pictures, in higher resolution (800x600 vs 640x480) and saved in higher quality JPG mode. The CD-ROM also contains many videos, photographs, virtual tours, Websites, useful files and utilities, etc.

Washing windows by Paramotor? See this awesome video (3.9MB) of Jimmy Hall cleaning the windows of this building with the wingtip of his powered paraglider! Notice the incredible camera angles!
Note: to download the video, Right-click on the link then select "SAVE TARGET AS".

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