New Delta-200 Airspace effective 12 February 2009

Anyone flying inside the FAD200 near Cape Town, commonly known as the Delta200, must ensure they are familiar with the recent changes introduced to this airspace.

Please have a look at the image below and familiarise yourself with the new Delta200 airspace.

Everything inside the pink shaded area is the Delta200.

The Delta200 has two parts, Part A in the South, and Part B in the north, separated by the Blue curve which represents the step-up of the D200 ceiling from from 2000ft in the South to 4000ft in the North to accommodate the TMA change.

All traffic inside the D200 operate on 124.4MHz radio frequency.

The new changes are at the Southern boundary, which now runs along the M19 road which routes from the Melkbosstrand intersection of the R27 (west Coast Road), direct to the N7 intersection to the East.

The Southern Boundary is further extended from the M19/N7 intersection, directly Eastward to the Kalbaskraal Road (no road along this line!)

Note that Morningstar Airfield is now well outside the D200 (well to the South), which should avoid all confusion with traffic operating on 124.4MHz.

Note further that traffic operating from/to Morningstar will change radio frequency from 124.8MHz to 125.8MHz (Cape Town Special Rules West), as soon as they cross westward of the N7 at Morningstar.

Paragliders operating from N7 Koppie (indicated on this map as Koeberg Hill) should be on 124.4MHz

PPG pilots routing overhead Morningstar (a common occurrences) would be advised to call once on both 124.8MHZ as well as 125.8MHz well before approaching the area, to determine what traffic is in the area. After the initial calls, remain on the appropriate frequency as you transit through i.e. 124.8MHZ when East of, or 125.8MHz when West of the extended centerline of Cape Town international Airport, as indicated on the above map by the broad Blue line which runs through Morningstar.

If you are flying along the M19 Road, be aware that traffic could be approaching you on either 124.4MHz (from the North), or 125.8MHz (from the South). If you are a loose formation of paramotors, at least one PPG pilot should be on each of those two frequencies while following the road. If you are flying alone, you take your chances or monitor both from time to time.

Blouberg Hill is now OUTSIDE the Delta200 and on 125.8MHz!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, but do not fly in the area if you are not fully up to speed with the airspace and appropriate frequencies.