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Xplorer Ultraflight now represents P.PAP. Paramotors in South Africa.

P.AP. Paramotors have proven over many years to be the very best available, as evidenced by their winning of most major international paramotor competitions.
Furthermore, the vast majority of world records and regional records have been set on PAP brand paramotors.

Manufactured in Spain with a range of popular engines including their own two PA125 and RM80 engines.

P.AP. have pioneered many aspects of paramotors that many other manufacturers have adopted and copied. This speaks volumes about their R&D always remaining at the very cutting edge of paramotor development.

Full details on the P.AP. paramotors on their Homepage at www.papteam.com

Contact us for local pricing of complete paramotors and spare parts.

For a rough idea of spare parts and spares pricing, and for a detailed list of parts with part numbers, descriptions and pictures, download the file below.
Bear in mind that these are PAP's List prices, ex-works, i.e. excluding packaging, forwarding, airfreight to Cape Town, Forex Fees, Customs Charges, Clearing fees, VAT, etc.

Depending on the mass and dimensions of a shipment of spares (Volumetric Weight Equivalent has a huge impact on freight charges), one can expect these items to be approx 40% to 65% higher once they reach South Africa after all costs of import are covered.

To determine the current exchange rate, view: https://www.fnb.co.za/rates/forex/forexRates.html
Look at the Bank Selling Rate, i.e. the first column.

Download the 8.3MB PDF PAP Parts and Spares catalogue here (Right-Click, then select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As")
The prices are in the first column.
(The next two columns are their local VAT and the price including their 16% VAT, which we can ignore)

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