Manual for the Xplorer Micro 80 paramotor using the Top80 engine

Starting out
There is no substitute for proper training by a professional instructor. Flying can be dangerous without comprehensive training and expert guidance. In most countries, the law dictates you are compelled to seek our professional training and earn a Powered Paraglider Pilot License form the relevant authorities.

Using Paraglider Wings
IF you are using a standard paraglider wing, you need to lengthen the brake lines by Ten to Fifteen Centimeters. This is due to the carabiners being 20 to 25cm higher on a paramotor harness. Do NOT attach extensions to the brake lines. If there is not sufficient extra length on the brake lines, then replace the lines with suitable new lines of sufficient length.

Most wings will be easier to launch off level ground (without any slope) if set to slightly faster than normal trimspeed. If your wing has no trimtabs, you might want to consider having these added for powered flight. WARNING! Accelerating your wing using trimtabs when flying WITHOUT the paramotor might increase the risk of deflations, or cause more severe deflations, or make recovery more difficult, or all three of these! Seek professional guidance from your instructor or dealer! This is for your own safety and comfort.

Still Under Contruction
This manual is a work in progress and will be updated and upgraded over time. Some pages are translated from the Italian manual of the engine manufacturer. Some pages have not YET been translated. Please bear with us while we work on this project.

Any comment on the manual, or questions, please email

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