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Powerplay Sting

    A merger between Flight Design and Swing bring your this wing aimed at the dedicated paramotor pilot
  • Based on the popular Arcus 2 paraglider
  • Strengthened central A & B lines
  • Special Risers with both low and high attachment points
  • Fitted with both Speedbar (accelerator) as well as Trimtabs (set and forget acceleration)
  • Dual certified by both DHV (paragliding) and DULV (for paramotoring)

The Powerplay Sting

In co-operation with Swing, Flight Design and their new subsidiary, PowerPlay, we bring you the new
Powerplay STING glider/motor-wing.

This is the latest product from the same designers of the popular Silex paramotor wing.
Since Swing and Flight Design have now merged their development teams in a co-operative effort to further the technology of paraglider wings, you now enjoy the benefit of having some of the top designers working together to bring you incredible new wings. Think of the very popular Silex, the Arcus, the SX-VT, and the new BoxtAir! All extremely succesful wings.

The new Sting is a development of the very popular Arcus with some enhancements and special features that will appeal to both dedicated paramotor pilots, as well as pilots whom fly unpowered and powered.

    The Sting has been certified:
  • DHV 1-2 for paragliding, suitable for beginner to experienced pilots
    Note: DHV test and certify for un-powered flight only
  • DULV 1 for Powered paragliding, suitable for beginner to experienced pilot
    Note: DULV test and certify for powered flight only

    This Dual-rated wing is ideal for both paragliding AND powered paragliding! One wing serves both purposes equally well.

To accomodate powered flight, and to increase the lifespan of the wing, the primary central A & B lines have been made considerably stronger.

The special riser system has been designed to be flexible, allowing for both high attachements or low attachments.
There are Two hook-in points on the risers. Chose whichever suits your paramotor best. For unpowered paragliding, use only the lower attachment point.

The risers feature both Speedbar for foot-operated acceleration, as well as Trim-Tabs for set & forget acceleration or to use assymetrically as an effective anti-torque measure.

For un-powered paragliding, where use of trimtabs are not recommended, the loop at the end of the trimmer can be hooked into the carabiner to keep the trims locked and secured in the standard trim setting. This is the legal DHV flying position.

For powered paragliding, trimtabs are highly desirable for several reasons. Unhook the trimmers from the carabiners before take-off, and have the flexibility of using both the Trimtabs or the speedbar in flight according to your needs.

The Sting retains the Split-A risers even in paramotor configuration, to fascilitate more flexible ground-handling and quicker, easier Big-Ears in flight, even under power.

The Sting is one of the easiest wings to ground-handle, is suitable for even the most novice pilots, yet offers in-flight performance, speed and agility to satisfy demanding experienced pilots.

We are very pleased to announce that the Sting has been certified for REALISTIC powered weight ranges, that do NOT require you purchase a larger wing to handle the extra weight of the motor & Fuel. This means that one wing size will serve you equally well for unpowered soaring and powered flight!

Colour Options:

Size 140 160 180 250
DHV (unpowered) Take-off weight (all up) 80-105kg 90-125kg 105-140kg 105-170kg
DULV (powered) Take-off weight (all up) 80-140kg 90-160kg 105-180kg 105-248kg
No. of Cells 46 46 48 48
Pjocted Wing Area (Sq.m) 25.1 27.4 29.4 29.4
Wing Span (Flat) 12.1m 12.8m 13.3 13.3
Wing Span (Projected) 9.8m 10.6m 11.1 11.1
Aspect Ratio 5 5 5.1 5.1
Cruising Speed (under power) ~45km/h ~45km/h ~50 ~50
Certification DHV 1-2
DHV 1-2
DHV 1-2 DHV 1-2

Any inquiries, contact Keith Pickersgill, email keith@xplorer.co.za

Please read our page on wing size selection for powered paragliding at www.xplorer.co.za/articles/wingsize.htm

    Other wings available:
  • APCO Thrust - Entry level to intermediate, AFNOR Standard rated powered wing.
  • MAC PARA Spice - Sporty "Performance rated" powered wing for the experienced PPG pilot.

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